Condolences for Fred R. Hoffman

Macey Thomas posted on 2/28/20

Fly on, proud bird! You’re free at last. Rest In Peace, my friend.


Barbara Rainey Sokol posted on 2/28/20

I flew many trips with Fred in the 70’s. He was so much fun, yet very professional. Always a pleasure to fly with him! My sincere condolences to his family.


Tammie Kechula posted on 2/28/20

Fred Hoffman. What a man of pride. He loved telling stories about his days of being a pilot, and all the big names he had met. When I remember Fred its his charm that shined loudest. That's just who he was. The sparkle in his eye was reflective in the kindness of his heart. He loved Rodney, and was incredibly proud of him in every way.. I am Connie's sister, and I know that he definately had sincere love for his Florida family. He will be truly missed in our family. -Tammie Kechula



Wayne & Gail Griffith posted on 2/26/20

We really didn't get the chance to know you, but meeting you at Scott and Kristen's wedding was a real treat.


Maryann Shackelford posted on 2/25/20

Fred, many memories going way back; flying was always the love of your life. Spread your wings in in peace!


Rose Marie Buckner posted on 2/24/20

Fred, we go way back when you and Buck worked together at the Yorktown Refinery. Buck will most likely greet you at the “Pearly Gate”.... wanting you to take him for a grand tour in that Cessna 310! Rest In Peace! You will be missed......



Rodney and Dean Hoffman posted on 2/24/20

An eternal flame, Dad


fred smith posted on 2/23/20

I knew Fred when he taught me to fly at PHF. I was working for Piedmont at PHF as an agent. Fred and I became good friends and flew often during 1967/68. On Aug. 30, 1968 I was piloting Fred's Cessna 310 (2199C) from PHF to Sky Manor airport in New Jersey. Fred was providing some hood time for me, and upon landing at Sky Manor, the nose wheel collapsed. Of course the props curled up and we flew commercial back to PHF. The aircraft was repaired and Fred did fly it again, but he sold if. By this time Fred was already flying for Piedmont out of ORF. In May 1969, Fred served me as Best Man at my wedding. He drove my bride and me from the church to the reception in his sixty something Plymouth convertible. What a lifelong good friend he was to me. God bless Rodney, Dean and all the family.


Jennie Wenk posted on 2/23/20

Rest In Peace Mr. Hoffman. You have left so much love in your family and they will cherish that gift forever.


Brian & Wendy (Albanese) Douglas posted on 2/22/20

You were a family friend for nearly 50 years and you will be remembered and missed by us all. You were always there with hugs, stories, lessons and lots and lots of laughter. You shared the best of yourself and by doing so, you brought out the best in everyone that was lucky enough to know you. Rest easy and fly high, dear friend.


Carolyn Albanese posted on 2/22/20

Our family will never forget our dear friend, Fred. We all loved him. (3 generations of us)..


Vicki Green posted on 2/22/20

Love and miss you Uncle Jr.


Jackie Epps Diggs posted on 2/21/20

Rodney, Dean and all your Family..So Sorry to hear about Fred. I have so many fond memories of Fred at West Point Airport, Were Sonny, Duke, Diggs helped Fred run the airport. And I helped on Sunday and Mondays. Plus many other memories .... God bless all your family and you all are in my thoughts.


Susan Alexander Arkebauer posted on 2/21/20

I really enjoyed working with Freddy. You knew you were going to have a safe and enjoyable trip when you opened the cockpit door and there was Freddy in the left seat. God Bless you.


Susan Alexander Arkebauer posted on 2/21/20

Fred Hoffman


Duke ("Sonny") Diggs posted on 2/21/20

I owe so very much to Fred Hoffman, both personally and professionally. We met sometime around the time I first soloed in 1957 and were immediately friends. Fred and two partners bought Colby Aviation and they put me in charge of the West Point Airport operation in 1965 with Fred teaching me things about flying that would serve me my entire career in aviation, and that likely saved my skin a few times! Farewell my good and trusted friend. Fair skies and tailwinds until I too fly West and we plan our next flight together!


Katie Rutledge posted on 2/18/20

Wheels up, Fred. Angels in Heaven need a super great pilot!


Connie Metzler posted on 2/18/20

Rest In Peace, Fred. God has cleared you for takeoff into the wild Blue yonder.


Rodney Hoffman and Dean Hoffman posted on 2/17/20

Dad, we love you and will keep you in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace; You are in God’s hands now.


Colleen Fields posted on 2/13/20

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds – and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of – wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. Hovering there, I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through the footless halls of air. Up, up the long, delirious burning blue I’ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace Where never lark, or even eagle flew. And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod The high un-trespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. Freddie your Brothers and Sisters of Piedmont Silver Eagles already miss you