Condolences for Margaret Cleveland


Caryn Smith Keith posted on 1/29/20

Our family met Peggy and Dick Cleveland in 1986 when we moved next door to them, and we always considered them family instead of neighbors. Peggy was an amazing, extremely talented woman who’s presence brought a smile to all those around her. Over the years she celebrated weddings and births with us, and mourned the loss of our father with us back in 2018. Peggy, you were dearly loved by the Smith family and you will remain in our hearts forever.


Michelle Bennett posted on 1/27/20

Peggy was very special to me. She is the reason I became self employed! I worked for her for 17 wonderful years! She was very strong willed woman who I admired and loved so very much. We always thought I would be with her to the end, unfortunately I left Virginia in 2018 to take care of my dad and mom. I so wished I could of been there and could be there on Wednesday. I know she was ready to go and be with Mr. Cleveland. Forever in my heart you will be. I will treasure the memories. Happy heavenly Birthday (1/28) Sherry I thank you for always being there for her. It was a blessing when you became her back door neighbor. I love you ❤️ RIP Mrs C



Carolyn Stowe posted on 1/22/20

Peggy and I shared a love of all things French. What a lovely person! We enjoyed having her in our Wine and Dine for many years and will certainly miss her.


Elizabeth Panzer posted on 1/22/20

Peggy was an Energizer Bunny! She was a champion of even our worst art endeavors. Her inspiration, her smile and her attitude were infectious. We were all happier when Peggy was in art class. When she was not there, each of us felt her absence. She was fun, funny, generous to a fault, private but curious, introspective and an extrovert! All things to all people! A genuine professional spook! We loved you dearly PEGGY and will continue to miss you.


Sharon Karabinos posted on 1/22/20

There are some people who you feel so fortunate that your paths crossed. Peggy was one of those people. She had such character and such a strong constitution. Stories of her life were fascinating and she enjoyed recalling them. She was a warm, encouraging lady. I wish I had known her longer, but she inspired me and I will remember her with admiration.


Carole L Martin posted on 1/21/20

I met Peggy through our art group. She was such an encourager. I will miss her sweet smile and great personality.


Alice Odom posted on 1/21/20

I met Peggy twelve years ago when I joined the Tuesday Art Class. She welcomed me with open arms and kindness into this talented group of artists.


Debra Foord posted on 1/21/20

It was truly a pleasure getting to know Peggy the last couple years of her life! She was strong, independent and fun loving! Great sense of humor, kind and considerate. She had great friends, whom she loved dearly and they loved her! Sherry, I am deeply Sorry for your loss. Peggy will be greatly missed! She was ready to go to God as she put it.