Condolences for Debra Sue Lees

Catherine and Jerre posted on 7/11/19

Deb, we miss you so much. Your smile, your laughter and warmth touched our hearts forever. You will always be part of all that is good and special about our CW community. We are proud and grateful to call you our friend and colleague. Our deepest sympathy to your loved ones.


Scott Krogh posted on 7/11/19

Deb was truly a kind and wonderful lady. She was thoughtful, caring and always had an encouraging word for you. She was a joy to work with. We usually discussed the goings on at CW and would commensurate over things. She always asked how my family and our dog Chanel were doing. Deb always had a smile on her face and a kind word for you. She had a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious laugh I’ll never forget. She always had treats for the dogs of DOG Street in her basket. She’ll be greatly missed. My condolences to her family. I’ll keep them in my prayers. Rest In Peace Deb.


Erin Sloan posted on 7/11/19

I’ll always remember Deb’s smiling face when we worked Evening Programs many years ago. No matter how bad the weather, or how large the school group, she approached our work with joy. And I always aspired to have my Christmas wreaths look half as good as hers!


Linda Doyle posted on 7/10/19

Dear Friend, you will be missed tremendously, especially your sweetness and loving nature that you extended to everyone. It doesn’t seem like I knew you for 17 years, and wish I could have 17 more to enjoy your company...You are truly missed.


John King posted on 7/10/19

Blessings to all family and friends of Deb. Such a wonderful lady who was also so welcoming and friendly. She will be missed so much at C W. Godspeed my friend...


Macey posted on 7/10/19

Deb, thank you always for supporting me and my dreams. Thank you for always shining a light on me when I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I am going to miss your smile, laugh, and genuine kindness so very much. Thank you for being a part of my life even for such a short time.



Dara posted on 7/10/19

I miss your smile and laugh. I always felt immediately calmer whenever I saw you. Thank you. I hope you are catching up with your family in heaven right now. Blessings.


Taz Easley posted on 7/10/19

Deb was a sweet person who always had such a wonderful smile for everyone. She was fun to talk with and her kindness to, and love ❤ for, animals was epic! I will miss her warmth and goodness.


JW posted on 7/10/19

Dear family, I didn't have the pleasure of knowing your mom, sister, and grandmother but I do know the pain of losing a loved one and the grief associated with it. What has helped me to cope with the loss is the promise in the Bible of a resurrection (Acts 24:15, John 5:28,29) and that those resurrected love ones will never again contend with sickness, pain, or death (Revelation 21:4). I pray this brings you some comfort in the hours, days, and months ahead.


Marilyn J Jennings posted on 7/10/19

Deb and I worked together in School and Group Services (Group Interpretations) and in Evening Programs. After some initial differences Deb and I came to have great respect for each other, and we became close friends. Deb charmed her school groups, people she welcomed in her role as an Orientation Interpreter, and those she led on evening programs tours. Her smile and her laugh were infectious. She was kind to co-workers and truly cared about them. Her artistic talents with the Christmas decorations on her CW house were legendary. She often swore she wasn't going to do the decorations again. Then she'd create another unique, memorable and delightful animal themed set of decorations for her door and windows. She was a blue ribbon winner for years. Deb will be missed by so many people at Colonial Williamsburg as well as by those of us who have left or retired from CW. I trust that fond memories and happy times will bring comfort to her family. My sincerest condolences to all those who survive her.



Amy Sapp posted on 7/10/19

Your loss is already felt in the Historic Area


Andrea Squires posted on 7/10/19

I knew Deb as a co-worker in CW evening programs. She always told me I was her favorite storyteller and just made me feel wonderful, and she did that for all who knew her. My deep condolences to her family. She will be missed.


Katherine Warden posted on 7/10/19

We all have lost a beautiful lady and one I counted as a friend since she started at CW with me in School and Groups. Loved her skill with Christmas decorations. She just wouldn't give up her secrets, but would tell me stories about baking and putting them together! The guests I led on decorations tours loved hearing the back stories. Really neat when her kitties would appear in the window as we came up to her house! I'll miss you and your red cloak! Play with all the fur babies who have gone over the rainbow bridge, especially the squirrels and kitties. Love you Deb.


Holly posted on 7/10/19

Deb was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She touched my life and I’ll never forget her.