Condolences for Charles Thomas Hodges

David Edwards posted on 6/21/19

Mary Ellen, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing. After reading about Charley, I know he was a special person full of life. I lift up prayers for you and your family.


Elizabeth Lipford posted on 6/21/19

Mary Ellen and family, I am so sorry to hear about Charley's illness and passing. He was a kind soul and always made me laugh! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Elizabeth Lipford


Beth H Chambers posted on 6/19/19

I will miss Charlie so much! He made the world a better place. I know him as a neighbor, and our neighborhood is some much more beautiful because of him. In his retirement, he worked daily as a landscaper and gardener. He was so knowledgeable about plants, and of course so many other topics from archaeology, history, to human nature and society. Deepest sympathies to Mary Ellen and Charlie's entire family.


Jay Morris posted on 6/18/19

Because of Charlie, Heaven is a better place to be now. What a fun guy to watch wrestle.


Michelle Squyars posted on 6/17/19

I LOVED working with Charley in the field. Of course, archaeology never felt like work. And with Charley around it was a fun adventure. He taught me so much about the art and science of our work and how to not take life too seriously. And he was madly in love with his soul mate, Mary Ellen. His passing is a huge loss to so many.


Barb posted on 6/16/19

You will always be with me, sweet Charley...thankyou for everything...I loved our shared interests and chats. Our favorite art reminds me of you. Tend Heaven's gardens and smile that beautiful smile, dear in peace xox



Barb posted on 6/16/19

Thankyou for the wonderful conversation and love of history that we shared. I will love and remember you always, your warmth and in peace, Charley


Gail Albert posted on 6/15/19

My memories of Charley are mostly of him peacefully smoking his pipe and walking a dog up Newport Avenue. He loved to stop and talk and to tease me about our shared 1970s, hippy, liberal etc. backgrounds. Charley always said that he had “married his best friend”; he had hit the marriage jackpot and he knew it- Mary Ellen took such good care of him when he became ill. Charlie was a hell of a gardener and helped me many times over the years with advice, digging, and planting- I will think of Charle whenever I enjoy my day lily border, walk by Pollard Park, or smell tobacco smoke from a pipe.


Ruth Anne Clarke posted on 6/15/19

I am thankful for knowing Charley and Mary Ellen in Williamsburg and reconnecting via FB a bit over 2 years ago. I am so amazed at the openness and generosity of Charley in every conversation we had (mostly through messenger). My hope was that I would get to visit them in the "burg" sometime soon. So, so sorry I waited too long. Thank you Charley for the friendship and the dry-ink engravings you gave me many years ago. I still cherish them. Love and hugs to you Mary Ellen!



Debra Betts posted on 6/15/19

Charley was kind enough to share his knowledge with me about the Scottish border region. I am so saddened by his passing. My sympathies to his wife and family.



Caroline Ryan (Armstrong) posted on 6/14/19

Thank you Charles for making such memorable, erudite & often kind & witty posts on our FB group! You are sorely missed.......


Julie gerst posted on 6/14/19

I will miss your posts and your kindness Praying for all the family


Pat Jordan posted on 6/13/19

I wish I had known you, Charley. I and a good friend "happened on" Flowerdew quite by accident and during the very early digging. My friend and her husband went on to help with the uncovering. I wish I'd run into you and had a chance to chat. You must have had the "funnest" of lives, and I wish you "Happy Digging" in the Great Beyond.


Mary Tutor posted on 6/13/19

Bless his heart. He was so excited about life, History and his family/friends! I’m going to miss him and his great way of looking at History. We were Military Brats at the same time and in 1968 I was in England and he was in Germany! Huge hugs for Ellen, family and friends. Love you Charles Hodges and I know you’re pain free, Now!! Go on and Sir Joey woofs, “Run Like The Wind”!⚔️


Mary Tutor posted on 6/13/19

Bless his heart. He was so excited about life, History and his family/friends! I’m going to miss him and his great way of looking at History. Plus we were Military Brats and we we’re overseas at the same time, he was in Germany and I was in England. Huge hugs to his wife Ellen, family and friends. His energy and memory’s will live on forever and ever. Love you Charles Hodges and I know you’re pain free, Now!! Go on and Sir Joey woofs, “Run Like The Wind”!⚔️


Peter Graham posted on 6/13/19

Charley I only knew you on Facebook and messenger, yet you were like a brother, your charm, wit and knowledge of history drew us together but your compassion and friendship kept as their, you managed to do what few others can, you made me smile and laugh. You will be missed more than any one can know.


Bruce Barrett posted on 6/13/19

I posted a current Wikipedia photo of Four Mile Run, Arlington, VA. Charley and I haunted the Falls Church end of the Run for our most serious adventures hunting for snakes, turtles, and other such wildlife — nothing poisonous, though one black snake did give Charley a nasty bite!


Sunny O Ngirmang posted on 6/13/19

It's a wonderful world when our shared love of history and archaeology connects people from all over the globe. Thank you for the humor, advise, and just beinging authenticly kind. Though we have not met, I am very blessed to have known you through other means, well, Facebook, haha, and sharing ideas on preservation and a fun twist on the discipline. May you rest in most peaceful Heavens. Love all the way from Palau!


Mandy Kruger Bryan posted on 6/13/19

I was lucky enough to have known Charley at Heidelberg High School. He always mead us laugh and I got to go to the senior prom with him in the castle. Even took me out to dinner for my first chateaubriand...really impressed me! We lost touch for years but we reconnected with me shortly after I lost my husband and it was so kind. Mary Ellen, I am so sorry..I understand how difficult this time is. Think lovely thoughts of your time two always seemed to be laughing in your pictures.


Bill Brown posted on 6/13/19

I will take care of the flowers if you take care of the snakes Charley. It was an honor and pleasure to know this man whose spirit I will carry with me forever. Rest easy m8.