Condolences for Michael J. Joyce, Sr.

Carmella posted on 5/18/19

May god cradle you Beth and your children ,grandchildren, and yours and Mike,s siblings in his arm . his well not ares



Tammy Barrineau posted on 5/18/19

A wonderful "power couple" in our community!



Tammy Barrineau posted on 5/18/19

Beth, Love to you and your family.



The Franzoni Family posted on 5/13/19

We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We love you. God bless...


Curt Price posted on 5/12/19

You changed the course of my life by answering my call to you in 2010. More importantly, you showed up that night. That would begin a 9 year relationship, of which I am eternally grateful for. I am indebted to you Mike, and will not be able to pay that back in my lifetime, yet I am gonna try my best. How? By doing for others what you did for me and countless others. Your no longer with us in the physical realm. Your spirit will be with me till my day comes to leave this body, as it is with so many others. I love you brother, miss ya dearly, had a good cry on Friday, and some good laughs, as you would have me. I'm fixing to cry typing this. You embodied this - "Carry the message, and if you must, use words". A true demonstration of a way of life beyond my wildest dreams. I love ya. "Bye for now".......



Christine Porretto Thomson posted on 5/12/19

Beth we go back a long time. Mike was a great guy, you two were wonderful. May he now rest without pain and in peace, til you meet again. He lives in the memories and hearts of all who were honored to know him. God Bless



Sally Haynes posted on 5/12/19

Thank you for being my friend. God rest your soul.


Robert J Wicker, USN, Retired posted on 5/12/19

Michael and I were brothers although we never met in person. If Michael were to ever call me I would do everything in my power to help Michael as I know he would do the same for me. That's what brothers do. You might be confused and wondering how can this be so? Well, we come from a fraternity of brothers and sisters and we number in the 10's of thousand. In fact, we all have the same name. We're called Chief and we've sailed the seas and oceans of the world. Rest your oars, Michael. You've served your country well. You've made your family proud. We have the watch. You stand relieved.