Condolences for Frederick L. Blackmon

Sylvia Payne posted on 6/2/19

What a gentle soul and dear person. I just learned today (6/1) of Fred's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sylvia, and Austin. I feel so blessed to have known Fred.


Tom Willis posted on 5/24/19

During our time together on the Boards at Pacific Life I came to know and admire Fred for his wisdom and his courage. He was always professional and a true gentleman. My prayers are with Sylvia and Austin.


Ava Brown posted on 5/23/19

My memories of Fred are always heart warming. He was such a calm and gentle person. We all looked up to him because not only because he an intelligent man but he was caring and loving and he always set a good moral and ethical example for all of us. He had such courage. He was so dedicated to his wife, his son, his sisters. After the death of our parents, Fred became our “parent “. He stepped into shoes that were very hard to fill and he filled them wonderfully. My heart is grateful to God that he was my brother, and my friend...


SHARMA STEVENSON posted on 5/20/19

My deepest symphony to all of you. No one knows what to say to put you at ease during these hard times but know that i am praying for all of you. And i love you all!


Mark Lyons posted on 5/16/19

Lynne and I are saddened to learn of Fred’s death. Fred was a special man — an accomplished and respected professional, a man with an amazing wide range of interests, always with a good story and a great sense of humor. And he was always a gentleman. Sylvia and Austin, our prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Kim Blevins posted on 5/16/19

Fred was not only our brother, he became our protector, mitigator, confidant, and father figure after our parents passed. He was always so calm it made every situation calm instantly. He was a pleasure to be with because of this, as well as his humor and honesty. We could always depend on Fred to settle a dispute among the sisters fairly, and for some reason we always did what he said or suggested. He was a role model for anyone who had the opportunity to be around him. For my nephew Austin, and my sister-in-law Sylvia, always know we are here for you both forever, without question. Praying for all of our strength and comfort. Until we meet again Daddy-Bro.


Samantha Melton posted on 5/16/19

Sending many condolences to my cousin Austin and aunt Sylvia through this hard time. My uncle Fred was one of the kindest, strongest and intelligent person I knew. One of the things he taught me was that no matter how hard things get be strong and persevere. I’m glad that I had the chance to have a bond with my uncle and learn about the many landmarks and history he taught me to appreciate every time I visited him.


Jordan Melton posted on 5/16/19

Uncle Fred was a standup guy. Always kind, patient, and knew where the good food was. Plus he could tell you the history of a national park better than Wikipedia could. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to make the unforgettable connections with uncle Fred during my life and will enjoy telling those stories to my family someday.


Pacific Select Fund Board of Trustees and Pacific Life Management posted on 5/15/19

Dear Sylvia and family, Fred was an outstanding Trustee, colleague and friend. He brought tremendous value to the Fund and the Shareholders he represented. We will miss him greatly. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family during this very difficult time.


Brenda Melton posted on 5/15/19

Fred was a truly amazing big brother. He was always filled with wisdom, adventure, and ideas for having fun! I remember Fred once taking me to play tennis when I was young, after telling him I learned how to play the game in school. As any big brother would, he served me a very humbling defeat on an extremely hot and sunny summer afternoon. But, as always, Fred knew exactly how to soothe my deflated spirit; a vanilla ice cream cone and a trip to the movies to see the, then, new film Airplane! We sat in a nearly empty theatre eating our ice cream and laughing so loud at the hilarious antics and jokes of the characters in the movie. We had the best time! This is just one of the many wonderful memories of my brother that I will always cherish. Forever in my heart, my dear brother ….


Kyle Melton posted on 5/15/19

When I met Fred, for a while he was "Fred Blackmon," but he became a brother. I always admired his intellect, wry sense of humor, and disciplined approach to life. I am happy to have gotten to know the relaxed, living his life Fred. I cherish the time my family and I spent with him and Sylvia during the holidays, up north in Michigan, and our frequent visits to Virginia. Fred kind of took on the “dad” role with me and my wife, his sister Brenda (Renée). He was a kind, generous person, who certainly knew the best places in every town for the best food and drink, and I always learned something from him. I especially appreciate how he cherished my children. A great and honorable man who will be missed and never forgotten, rest in peace my brother, and I wish tranquility and blessings to his wonderful family Sylvia and Austin.


Patricia melton posted on 5/14/19

I will miss Christmas visits. PRAYING FOR YOU AND your mother ..


Bob and Susan Dood posted on 5/14/19

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sylvia and Austin during this difficult time. We will miss our summer visits in Michigan. May God Bless the Blackmon family. Sincerely, Bob and Susan Dood


Patricia A Rosenberg posted on 5/14/19

Fred was the best brother, he was so thoughtful but in such a unassuming way. I remember as a young girl telling him I loved jazz and sure enough for Christmas I got my first Jazz album, Nancy Wilson. Our love of music and art was always our touch stones. From 3 dog night to Hedge and Donna. There are so many wonderful memories, including him and Syl colluding with my future husband to take care of the children so he could take me off to ask me to marry him. He had a passion for history,art and GOLF!! How do you tell your hero goodbye? He is my angel in heaven now.


John Milliman posted on 5/13/19

Fred was a learned but gentle soul, with a wide range of interests and experience. We could talk about classical music or water issues in California, to mention just two . Tuesday lunches and the Middle Plantation Club will be diminished without Fred.


john milliman posted on 5/13/19

Fred was a gentle and learned soul, with a wide diversity of interests. We could talk about classical music, water issues in California or any number of other things. Tuesday lunches at the Middle Plantation Club will be diminished without his presence.


bobby blackmon posted on 5/13/19

We were sadden by the news of the passing of my nephew, Fred. Although we were not close geographically, my relationship started with him and his siblings as their parents, my brother and his wife, would visit the family farm in Alabama starting when their children were very young. Those were enjoyable times. Over the years, we saw each other from time to time. Early in his career, he drove down to the farm alone to visit with my mother, his grand mother and me. He told me how he enjoyed the solitude of the country. I later moved to the St. louis area. I remember he and Sylvia spent overnight with my wife and I on their way to Colorado, again a good visit. I will remember him as very kind with wisdom beyond his years. Our prayers to Sylvia, Austin, and the rest of our family in this time of sadness. We love you all. Your uncle Bob, aunt Luceter, and your cousins Angela and Jordan.


Aimee Eubanks Davis & Family posted on 5/13/19

Sincere condolences, Aunt Sylvia and Austin! I will always remember Uncle Fred's warm smile. Lots of hugs coming your way from Chicago.


Nolan Opperman posted on 5/11/19

Thoughts and prayers are with Sylvia, Austin and family...


Jim &Mary Rienstra posted on 5/11/19

We were so sorry to hear of Fred’s death. We always enjoyed seeing both Fred and Sylvia at Shanty Creek. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Sylvia. Sincerely, Jim & Mary


Juanita Blackman Mcmullen posted on 5/10/19

Truly sorry that I did not get to know my cousin Fred as many others have but reading all the wonderful things that have been send through condolences, tells me he was a remarkable man. Take your rest now Fred, resting in The arms of God!!!


Harry Rivera posted on 5/10/19

It has been many many years since i last saw Fred. It pains me to lose another friend from Horizons. I pray that the family is able to think only of the wonderful person he was and the happiness that he gave everyone. God Bless the Blackman family.


Derrick Eubanks posted on 5/10/19

Sylvia and Austin know that he will always be with you.


Larry and Marilyn Gaskins posted on 5/10/19

We look forward to summer and seeing the Blackmons at their ‘up north’ home. Fred’s warm smile and friendly chats will be missed. He was special! Larry and I send our deepest sympathy to Sylvia, Austin and family.


Larry and Marilyn Gaskins posted on 5/10/19

Every summer we look forward to seeing the Blackmon’s at their ‘up north’ home. We will miss Fred’s warm smile and our friendly chats. He was a special guy! Larry and I send our deepest sympathy to Sylvia, Austin and family.


Nichel Sprawls posted on 5/10/19

Dear Lord, we ask You to send Your peace to Austin and Aunt Sylvia who are in this time of mourning. Continue to surround them with family, friends and loved ones who will offer words of comfort. Give them sweet and restful sleep, healing their spirits from the inside out. Father, remove the spirit of heaviness, and give them garments of praise. In due time, bless their lives to overflow with laughter and joy again. Allow the passing to be a Home Going Celebration instead of a sad procession. As they take refuge in You, please help them to put their trust in You. Holy Spirit, we ask that You settle the hearts and minds of those who are feeling overwhelmed with sadness and help them not to look back but to press forward. In your name we pray, Amen.


Velva,Christine,and Dr. Jeff Clark posted on 5/10/19

It was a pleasure to work with Fred on the Cranbrook Board. Prayers and Sympathy to Sylvia and Austin


Velva,Christine,and Dr. Jeff Clark posted on 5/10/19

Sylvia and Austin we send Prayers and Sympathy during your loss.


James Hatcher posted on 5/9/19

One of the privileges of my adult life has been the opportunity to know and work with Fred Blackmon. A truly kind, competent and caring man, many lessons on living an exemplary life can be learned simply by having known Fred. To Sylvia and Austin, Carolyn and I send our deepest condolences. How blessed you have been to have Fred as a husband and father.


Larry Taylor posted on 5/9/19

Sincere condolences for your lost. Fred was one my closest childhood friends in Detroit. He one the "five". Michael Hawkins, Roger Smith, Karl Sturtevant, Fred Blackmon and I were always together during middle school. We were all part of the first Cranbrook Horizons program in 1965. He will be missed.


Glen & Linda Starling posted on 5/9/19

So sorry to hear about Fred passing. He was such a kind and wonderful neighbor, we surely will miss him.