Condolences for Anthony Phillip “Tony” Gilette III

jay morning posted on 5/12/19

Rest in peace my brother, you have earned it!.... one love!



Shirley & Dan Rice & Danny & Anna lisa Rice posted on 5/11/19

Our Son Danny & Anna Lisa will always Miss you. You were a great pastry Chef. You made their Wedding Cake. It was beautiful. I remember your Beautiful smile. Tony on their Wedding Day. God Bless. & you are with God's Angel's & your mom & Family & Friends. Loved You being with Danny & Anna Lisa.


Katrina Madsen Craig posted on 5/10/19

Tony (T-Bird) was one of the most genuine, kind and truly grounded people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Tony was kind to everyone, truly loved music and felt it on a level most people never are lucky enough to feel, and was generous and loving in all aspects of his life. My sincerest condolences to his family, truly to Tony we were ALL family. We have lost one of the good ones, people like Tony are rare gems amidst the coals. You’ll be missed...... May the four winds blow you safely home brother.



Kathleen Hernandez posted on 5/10/19

I will always light a candle in your memory, broham♥️♥️ Please watch over me & Chrissie, keep us safe. I miss you so much, already. Squeeze Mom & Christine for me. I will always be blessed with a lifetime of memories. I love you, more. xoxo~Kathi


stephen neese posted on 5/8/19

Walking down Richmond Rd. {1998)


stephen neese posted on 5/8/19

I'm at a loss for words.Tony was the most selfless friend one could have.Truly a free Spirit.he was inspiring. he would (literally) give the shirt off his back, If it meant it would help you.I'll never forget the time I was Homeless, No where to go. I had just got back in town.not much money,and too much pride. I was walking down Richmond Rd.Next thing remember, is Tony pulling up in His Blue Monticarlo."Hey Bro", Whats going on, he said? hop in. I told him my situation. he took me back to his place, and and said "Stay here, get your self together, and get a Job" It didn't take two days,I was working and getting myself back together. He was my Tie dye buddy.We worked together without words.we just both knew what to do, we had a system. you will always be in my heart and soul Tony. Sweet Dreams Brother.


babz covington posted on 5/7/19

California, preaching on the burning shore California, I'll be knocking on the golden door Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light Rising up to paradise, I know I'm gonna shine. My time coming, anyday, don't worry about me, no It's gonna be just like they say, them voices tell me so Seems so long I felt this way and time sure passin' slow Still I know I lead the way, they tell me where I go. Don't worry about me, no no no, don't worry about me, no and I'm in no hurry, no no no, I know where to go.


Wendy Hughes posted on 5/7/19

Your smile and energy could light up a room my friend. Your laugh itself could make other people laugh. Countless memories of youth come to mind. Dancing at shows, planning the next thing to do. You were always so full of energy. I am so glad to see your life become what it did. Happy and fulfilled. And man could you bake a mean cake! I saddened by your sudden departure. My heart goes out to your family. We are all better for knowing you brother. We will miss you but we won't forget you



Christina Obenshain Donofrio posted on 5/7/19

What I remember the most about Tony is his smile. I cannot ever remember looking at him when he wasn't smiling. He was the most cheerful, helpful, loving and caring person I can think of, and will be greatly missed! Love, Aunt Tina