Condolences for William Underwood

Carol Mathews posted on 4/11/20

Bill and Tillie were wonderful friends to so many people, bringing strength, compassion and joy to everyone! They were both very active members of our Williamsburg community and touched the lives of many young people in their occupations of educators. They found enjoyment in their family and friends and shared their musical interests with the community. Their wonderful qualities are well remembered. Bless you, Jack, and your family. May you use your life to honor your parents. Bless you! Carol Mathews, one of the basses in the Publick Times Chorus, Sweet Adelilnes.


Elinor Antis posted on 11/12/18

Billy and Tillie were one of the first Americans to come and visit Stefan and Katharina Antis and family when they arrived as displaced persons in Suffolk, VA and came to the Rountree Dairy. Steve and I continued to visit back and forth for many years until they moved to the beach. We will continue to remember and talk about them and the memories as long as the Lord leaves us here.


Elinor Antis posted on 11/12/18

Visiting in Williamsburg on the Palace Green


Anthony Frazier posted on 11/12/18

Mr. Underwood was my principal and a great one. Jack and I were in school together and I want you all to know that my prayers are with your family. We list a great man!


Jane Mary Gay posted on 11/10/18

For three years, I was one of the teachers privileged to have Bill as my principal at Berkeley Elementary (grades 4,5,6). Without a doubt, he was the most compassionate principal I ever worked for. He simply loved teaching and sometimes found the administrative duties underwhelming! I stopped by his office one afternoon to find him doing paper-work; he glanced at me and in undisguised frustration, lamented, "Mrs. Gay, I earned a master's degree so I could count how many rolls of paper towels to order for the bathrooms!" He was a most caring and loving principal; he loved his students and they returned his love. He was a Treasure!


Claudia Melgaard posted on 11/8/18

I was exceptionally lucky to be born into an extended family that included Bill Underwood. From standing in the front row of his and Tillie's wedding at age five, to my last visit at 73, Uncle Billy was the best. I owe many of my best experiences growing up and as an adult to him and Tillie. He taught me so much in my struggles to play music and never seemed to mind. He always had stories to tell of places he went and facts he gathered. He was a true gentleman who made the world a better place. What more can one ask. I will truly miss him but my memories will remain.


Eleanor Williams Hahne posted on 11/6/18

I am saddened to hear this news. Billy always had a smile on his face and a joke to tell. I will miss his drawings of Santa at Christmas. He was a joy to be around