Condolences for Lee Evans Marshall

Earl posted on 6/20/18

A very special man who was generous with his time and knowledge. I always looked forward to his posts on the Bogleheads forum. With sympathy.


Broken Man 1999 posted on 2/22/17

I am a member of the financial/investing forum where Mr. Marshall made so many contributions concerning insurance products. His advice was greatly appreciated by so many members who found the subject of insurance so confusing. He educated so many of us, tirelessly answering so many questions, giving so freely and patiently of his knowledge. RIP Mephistophles. My sincere condolences to the family


Miriam2 posted on 2/22/17

Words are simply inadequate to express how sad we are to learn that our wonderful friend has passed away. We knew him as author Lee Marshall who wrote several chapters on insurance and life insurance in the successful personal finance book "The Boglehead's Guide to Retirement Planning," and we knew him by his screen name Mephistophles on the internet investment forum To call him a legend is an understatement. When he posted his views, everyone listened. Most importantly, everyone learned. He loved to teach us all about insurance from his vast wealth of experience, he could unravel the tangles of any insurance product and explain it in plain language, he helped anyone and everyone with any insurance question - and ended all his posts with the unassuming signature "ole meph." He was a special person and may his memory be a blessing to his family.


Nisiprius posted on 2/21/17

I am very sorry to hear about this and my condolences to the family. Lee was one of the most valued contributors to the Bogleheads investment forum, under his screen name "Mephistophles," where he could always be counted on for excellent, helpful, and truthful information on insurance subjects. He will be very much missed in the forum. His last posting to the forum, in December of 2016, was helping a forum member with an insurance question. "


Mike Williams posted on 2/16/17

Chris, I wanted to send you a belated condolence in the loss of your father. I realize how much your father meant to you and I'm sure you will cherish many fond memories of being with him over the years. Please know you and your family will continue to be in my prayers.


Joe & Deb Riss posted on 2/10/17

Our thoughts and prayers for your family. Lee helped my wife and me with insurance stuff years ago and I come across his business card from time to time. I was actually just thinking of him the other day. So sorry for your loss; God bless you all.


Bob and Sharon Cleland posted on 2/8/17

Dear Ruth, You and your family have our deepest condolences. Sam will certainly be missed. He loved to have fun and we will all miss him.


Kaye posted on 2/2/17

Thank you so much for your service to our country Mr. Marshall!


Duncan Evans posted on 2/1/17

So sorry to hear of Lee's passing. I was fortunate to attend meetings with Lee and always enjoyed his sense of humor and fellowship. Best wishes and condolences.


Joe Deacon posted on 2/1/17

Ruth, I was so sorry to hear of Lee's passing last Friday. Lee was so kind and gracious in helping me transition from management to agent, when I moved back to WV from VA. He will be missed, I always admired Lee for his intellect, and his systems. Joe Deacon