Condolences for Phyllis Jane Cody

Chelsea Estancona posted on 1/22/22

On Saturday January 8, I lost my Grandma Phyllis. She was 87 (a week shy of 88) and had struggled with dementia, so this goodbye has come in waves. I know that remembering and celebrating her will, as well. My many friends who knew her and loved her can attest to her gifts. She was fun. She encouraged make-believe, goofiness, and holding on to childhood and innocence. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa never got old as a kid - and it wasn’t just the plate of brownies she always had waiting. She was strong, capable, and so incredibly stubborn in the best way. She did everything herself until she couldn’t: cleaning the fish my Grandpa Lew caught, taking care of him when he was so sick, even climbing up ladders to clean after a hurricane, by herself, in her 70s, after promising me she wouldn’t (see above re: stubborn). She had her own career with the CIA and later the County but somehow also did everything for everyone. She loved all of God’s creation. Her two greatest joys were the outdoors - the ocean, the mountains, the simple creek behind the house in the woods - and people. The woman could talk to anyone. She could be kind to anyone. Sometimes, it became a joke: like when she quite literally out-talked the Mormon missionaries at the house. But it was her greatest gift and her way of living out the second of the great commandments. Nobody loved their neighbor quite as well as Phyllis did. She loved Jesus the way I can only aspire to. For her, faith was a relationship, not something held to an ideal. It was real, complete, and expressed through love. I loved her so much. She’s the best person I’ve ever known. Sometimes, people will say I remind them of her, and it’s the greatest compliment I can think of. I’ll never stop trying to earn it.


Lori Roche posted on 1/17/22

I can still see your mom’s beautiful smile when she would come to pick you up at Clayton stables. You were blessed.


Justo Velez posted on 1/13/22

The best we can hold onto at times like this, are the collection of good memories. Cheryl and family will have an abundance to reflect on. Phyllis has provided the family with comfort through these memories. She now has her heavenly wings to watch over them all. Please know that we are with you with thoughts and prayers. Solo, Leslie, Vanessa, Jason and Selena


Jane Williams posted on 1/12/22

Always enjoyed spending time with Aunt Phyllis and remembering earlier days. She was fun to be with and quite an endearing person. I have such fond memories of her and Uncle Lewis. She will be missed