Condolences for Terry W. Deeck


Dawn Hernandez posted on 12/14/21

I’ll never forget the first time I met Terry. He and Melissa had picked my sister and I up at the airport. I can remember laughing the entire time I was with you all. The banter between you all was straight from a movie. T was so devoted to Olivia and protected her with every breath he had. Thankful for the people who are wrapping their arms around sweet Olivia and Missy as they grieve. Rest In Peace, Terry. Olivia will always know how much you loved her ❤️


Eddie Cope posted on 12/13/21

So many memories with Terry and the Cape folks to just remember one. He always had a smile on his face, combing his hair, laughing and enjoying life! God Bless dear friend, you will surely be missed!


David Kalinowski posted on 12/11/21

I'm so sad to hear of Terry's passing. I remember him to be a funny nice guy.


Shannon Cope posted on 12/11/21

Terry and the Pirates


Shannon Hassan posted on 12/10/21

Terry was a loving, funny and selfless father and uncle. He was such a great babysitter for my boys when they were younger. I’m not sure who had more fun on their playdates, the kids or Terry! He was a blessing for me when I needed a break, an afternoon out with my sister. I will never forget his kindness towards me and my boys. We will miss him and his catchy tunes, always whistling!!! Terry loved music, history and was an excellent artist. Olivia, the light of his life, has inherited all of his talents. Rest in Peace Uncle T, we love you.


MaryAnn Fagley posted on 12/7/21

Terry, my son-in-law, was the kindest person I have Ever known. He would do anything for you. His love for his daughter Olivia was never ending. Thankful for all those who helped caring for him especially Melissa who never left his side through this illness. God surely put the right people in the Right places and right times! God bless and thank you all.