Condolences for Robert N. Williams, Jr.

Peter Williams posted on 9/10/21

I remember Rob (Bob) as my Dad’s younger brother. Over the years we met here and there. I always remember Rob as a cheerful, intelligent, gentle person with a twinkle in his eye. He was very lucky to find another love (Susan). A few years ago, when I was involved in my wife’s (Eda) family reunion in Williamsburg / Jamestown I stopped by for a dinner date with Rob. I remember chatting about family history and that he had done a lot of research. After dinner I loaded boxes of his genealogical research into my station wagon for a trip back to the Midwest. Rob wanted brother Nick to have the documents and wanted to ensure they were safely delivered to him for his family genealogy research project. Little did we know, at the time we would find 6 Mayflower ancestors and 34 Revolutionary War Patriots in our ancestral line. (Some of which were from the Williams side and others from my maternal line. We will all miss him. Love to all our Eastern Willams family and my sincere condolences for your great loss. Peter Williams


Peter Williams posted on 9/10/21

I remember Rob, (Bob) as a gentle, intelligent uncle who always had a twinkle in his eye. We knew him as Rob. Most recently I visited him when he was in Williamsburg and we had dinner together. I was in town for my past wife’s (Eda) family reunion. Our short visit ended when he gave me multiple boxes of genealogical research for brother Nick to be transported back to Wisconsin. We had a very nice, but all too short visit. Rob was very lucky to find another wonderful gal, Susan. With much love to all of the Eastern Williams family…


Laura Rooney posted on 9/9/21

I send much love to Paige, Geoff and Quimby, with wonderful memories especially of the summer of 1972 when I visited you in Longmeadow. Susan, Rob was a lucky man to find love again in his life; I know you gave him so much. Love to you all, and I hope we can connect in the days to come, your cousin Laura (Gibbs Rooney)