Condolences for Ernesto J. “Hugh” DeSamper, Jr.

Elma Vescovi posted on 10/15/21

Dear Stephanie and Kim, the Vescovi family is very saddened to hear about Hugh's passing. We know he and Selvi are together now, reminiscing about all the good times they had and perhaps drinking some good bourbon. We hope you're taking solace with all the good memories of your father. Warm regards, Elma Vescovi


Mary Tudor posted on 6/4/21

Kim and Stevie. Heaven received a very special man. He was a pleasure to have around to talk with and hear his Music. I will always remember and love the nights he played his trumpet. Rob and I are truly sorry. Prayers and hugs. Love you.


John Daly posted on 5/30/21

Kim and Stephanie, I have fond memories of your parents from both Williamsburg and London when they visited in the late seventies, early eighties. We met at one of the swankiest private clubs in London. The first thing your father said to me that evening was, "JD, your money is no good this evening." I had never heard that term before! We proceeded to have the finest meal, accompanied by wonderful conversation and a little too much of a very good wine! I was sad when your mother passed and am equally sad at your Dad's passing. Carol was a lovely woman. He was a lovely man. It is easy to see that you and Stephanie are their children Please accept my sincere, heartfelt condolences on your loss.


Kris Fox Dippre Brown posted on 5/29/21

What an intelligent, talented man, and hey, a really nice guy. I met Mr. DeSamper before I started working at CW, when my mother was taking school groups around, and I would drive up after classes at CNU and hang out for the afternoon. I would usually see Hugh out doing something. Then I got to know him better when I also became an employee in 1976. He was truly dedicated to the CW mission and it was appreciated. He will be truly missed.


Allison Jeffrey posted on 5/29/21

Dear Kim and Stephanie, I am so sorry to hear of the death of your father. My most cherished memory of him was the day when I skipped school with my friend Anne Harrison. My parents weren’t around and after hanging out at my house we walked to Jamestown Road and, feeling like happy fugitives, we stuck out our thumbs to hitch a ride to Merchants Square. It was a bright spring day and we were liberated! A car pulled over immediately and we climbed in, congratulating ourselves on our luck. Within seconds, I realized with a shock that the driver was your father. He was wearing sun glasses and he looked straight ahead at the road. My heart was thumping. I stared at the floor. Maybe he wouldn’t recognize me and wouldn’t know to tell my parents. After all, it had been a few years since he’d seen me. We took the two-minute ride in total silence. He pulled up in front of the Wigwam and as Anne and I scrambled out of the car, he said, “Goodbye, Anne. Goodbye, Allison”. “You know him too?”, I said to Anne, as your dad drove off. “All my life”, she answered. We assumed he would quickly call our parents to “tattle” on their disobedient kids. We waited for our punishment. It never happened. Your father did not “tell” on us. I had always really liked him, but after that experience, I loved him. As time passed, I realized that he must have understood what it was like to be young, high-spirited and looking for fun. Perhaps, more than that, he was a father, who saw his friend’s teenage kids hitch-hiking and he picked us up to keep us safe. He had the grace to know the balance between protecting our safety and our spirit. I remember him with great warmth and my thoughts are with you in your time of loss. If either of you get to NYC, please contact me. It would be wonderful to see you. Love, Allison


Cindy Brown posted on 5/28/21

Kim and Stephanie, your father was a German who lived life to the fullest. He always had a smile on his face and was never afraid to say “I Love you” to those dear to him. We were lucky to have him in our lives. Sending you Love and prayers for peace. Cindy