Condolences for Stan L. Sutliff

Russell Lee Gottwald posted on 10/27/20

I truly loved and admired Stan the Man.


Russell Lee Gottwald posted on 10/27/20

I truly loved this man. I will miss him. My condolences to his entire family.



Jimmy G posted on 10/22/20

I briefly met Stan as an executive partner at William & Mary. He has left a lasting impact on my team, particularly on my two teammates who worked with him during the first weeks of the semester. I am keeping Stan in my thoughts and prayers, and wish only the best for his family. Stan, thank you for your guidance as my team started on our MBA together.


Sid Mundkur posted on 10/18/20

First met Stan at Le Yaca the day before my job interview. Within 5 minutes we were talking about bourbon, with Stan taking notes. I asked him a few years later about it and he said that within the first 5 minutes I'd decided that you were to be hired/made an offer, and I wanted to get as much information from you about bourbon. Having moved back to Louisville, KY, Stan was the only one who regularly kept in touch from my contacts in Williamsburg - used to get cutting from magazines and newspapers regarding bourbon/whiskey/rum followed by a call to discuss article a couple of weeks later. Received one as recent as early Oct. Still remember his words of wisdom when I was leaving the company "never burn a bridge, never reveal a source". Will open that Puerto Rican rum, which I'd promised to sip with him on Louisville stop over, while driving to Greenwood, IN.


Sid Mundkur posted on 10/18/20

Interview and Bourbon


Peter Smith posted on 10/17/20

I write this to honor the memory of Stan Sutliff and to celebrate his life. His life touched ways we may not fully realize...his kindness, compassion, service, wisdom, and his goodness- strong, steadfast and true. I first met Stan 30 years ago in St. Louis at a Saturday morning sports fellowship gathering at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church. My first impression of meeting Stan was a feeling of open, exuberant energy. We learned we had both grown up in Indiana and shared so many common experiences and interests, including a faith in God, the outdoors and discussing philosophical questions we never answered. Through the church and on his won he went on to join organizations caring for hurting people and mentoring students. Stan in his heart grabbed life, whether in the outdoors, serving others or philosophizing, and was always grounded in his love for and pride in his family. I remember visiting Stan’s St. Louis home one Saturday morning and seeing him like a happy whirlwind collecting and washing the family laundry. Over the years I learned from him in great detail about happy family sailing and rafting vacations and the proud accomplishments of his daughters. I enjoyed a true, deep friendship with Stan and that I can never lose. Even after years apart Stan and I picked up with each other right where we left off. Losing such a good friend who knew me and what I was over 30 years ago feels like I am burying part of my life, part of my history. A part of me has died and has gone with him but not the comfort and memories of having had such a friend. Stan, may you rest in peace.


Kris and Doug MacKenzie posted on 10/17/20

Stan always had a great story to tell. I admired his loyalty and quick wit. I learned a great deal about business from him and his recipes and the food network helped me to be a better cook! Sometimes he’d share his food and made my day. Stan loved his family and talked non stop about his girls and his grandchildren. Stan lived his life his way and will always be remembered as an open book, passionate about all his hobbies and the dogs don’t get me started! I hope the family cherishes these memories and I’ll hold up my glass tomorrow because it is 5 o’clock somewhere!



Dana R Hodson posted on 10/16/20

All I can say, is that I always thought Stan had seen things that no else ever had.I was glad he was my cousin, always enjoyed seeing him. Have hope tomorrow, have faith in the everlasting and take comfort in the love of family and friends !! He will be missed ! Love Dana