Condolences for Roger A. Villecco

Gerald W Kimble posted on 8/21/20

I was a one-week beginning assistant professor of mathematics at Cal State Long Beach in 1961. My task was math course placement of about 300 high school graduates. I placed Roger in trigonometry which he hadn't taken in HS. Then I looked at the 700 trigonometry entrance test scores. The highest score was by Roger Villecco! I took him for an interview with Feynman at Cal Tech. Cal Tech waived his tuition and allowed him to transfer to Cal Tech with sophomore standing. From then until my retirement in 1988 I never encountered another Roger Villecco. He stayed in contact with me through his time in the Navy.


Constance Christine Lehman posted on 5/27/20

My daddy was funny my hero always the one I could go to for advise. He is an angle now with his parents at peace. Never forgotten until I see you again Love until the end of time.