Why Preplan?

Give your loved ones, one final gift. By making arrangements in advance, your family and friends do not have to guess what you wanted. Our professionals expertly record your wishes, so everything is in place. At the time of death, loved ones should be home with family, not making arrangements at the funeral home.

Personalize the service. Honor your life by highlighting your proudest moments and greatest loves. This will make the memorial even more meaningful for those you leave behind.

Preplanning can help you determine how much one should spend. Making advanced arrangements gives you time to think and budget.

Save you and your family money. Funeral costs continue to increase, by prepaying you lock in today’s prices. Your family will not be expected to pay a penny more at the time of death. Furthermore, it relieves the financial burden on those close to you. Prefunding prevents possible overspending because they weren’t certain of your wishes.

Preplanning coupled with prefunding is the last step in assuring your remembrance will be just as you wanted. Let your family and friends focus on honoring your life and healing from grief. Preplan with Bucktrout of Williamsburg today.